The horn Logistics
Fast & safe shipping. Anytime. Everywhere.
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Custom transport solutions
To suit your specific business needs
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Customs brokerage
No more bureaucracy - we'll do all paper work for you!
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Affordable air freight
Get all air transport services!
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Warehousing & Storage Services

Careful storage of your goods

We make sure we store your goods in a safe storage space and keep it for you.
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Different Shipping Solution

Quick & save delivery of your goods

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The horn Logistics

Fast & safe shipping. Every time. Everywhere.

24/7 Technical support

On-time delivery of goods

Optimization Programs

Low operational costs

24/7 Support

We are ready to help you everyday without limiting access to our services.

Perfect timing

In current world on-time delivery is very important and we make sure you get your goods on time.

Big storage

We have one of the biggest storage in the city that can hold as many products as possible. We will help you to store your product and take it when its convenient for you.

Quality logistic services

We guarantee quality of services to our client and make sure to adhere to world standard of quality assurance. Try us today and see the difference.

Worldwide shipping

The horn Logistics has world wide access to all shipping services and we can handle any kind of shipping quantity with affordable price.

Road freight

We deliver goods through the road and make sure of its safety all the time. We build relationships with our customers all the time.

Air freight

We offer affordable and on-time air freight to our clients. This is one of the fastest way to get your goods to your client.

Water freight

We do shipping through sea and charge per CBM and make sure we offer the best solutions to you as a client.